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Case Tracker - What's in Your Freezer?

The Case Tracker application was created to provide visibility of finished goods case inventory in real-time as it traverses along an automated route. An example of a Case Tracker work flow from a recent deployment: finished goods cases are counted and scanned via sensors and cameras as they move from production lines, into the VRT, out of the VRT and down to the palletizing area. 


The foundation of the Case Tracker application was built on our Auto Case Scanning (ACS) technology and is configurable to meet different operational needs. Fully integrated with the CFS R8 Inventory Management application, Case Tracker provides up-to-the-second views of inventory and makes use of dashboards to show production rate and proactively indicate label issues. 


CFS Team Spotlight - Fabrication

Have you ever wondered how the CFS hardware components are made and who is making them? 

Our fabrication team cuts, drills, bends and welds all of the stainless steel structures and parts in our High Point, NC shop. Whether it’s a large job like building a RoboScan unit or putting together a simple sensor mount, Steven and Garen always put the work in to measure twice and weld once to get the job done correctly!


Tech Tip: Sato CL4NX Plus - Memory Leak Fix

CFS was recently notified of an issue with the Sato CL4NX Plus when printing labels. The problem showed itself in a few ways: printing stopped part way through a batch, dropped images, etc. The CFS technical teams worked with SATO to identify the memory leak and have applied a patch to the printers experiencing the problems, which has resolved the issues. 

Please reach out to the CFS Help Desk (336-841-7289) if you have a Sato CL4NX Plus printer, whether purchased from CFS or not, to receive the patch and instructions for installing.


Update on COVID-19 and Vaccinations

Over the past several months, CFS has provided support, education and resources for employees to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations while respecting employees’ preferences. It is with great pride we can announce that overall CFS is 90% vaccinated and those who travel to customer sites are 100% vaccinated against COVID-19! CFS will continue to follow the three W’s -> “Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands and Watch Your Distance” until the CDC states it is safe not to do so.


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Shawna Dumoulin, VP of Computerway Products & Services - 22 years 

Nathan Biggs, VP of Software Development - 21 years

David Fleming, System Performance Specialist - 21 years

Darrell Brown, HelpDesk Technician - 7 years

David Hernandez, Service Technician - 6 years

Kenneth Jones, Electronics Technician - 6 years

Philip Flynt, Developer - 5 years

Ann Pridgen, Developer - 5 years

McGwire Tarlue, Electronics Technician - 2 years