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Automation: Finished Goods Processes

Last month CFS completed a project to automate the finished goods lines for a new  poultry facility in Mississippi. The automated processes consist of applying corner wrap labels to each case, scanning the labels to validate (rejecting bad scans), applying the pallet label to the last case before it enters the robotic palletizer, and adding the pallet/cases into the inventory database. All of these tasks are being done without human intervention which has increased efficiency while reducing labor, a win/win! 

CFS was involved early in the planning and design for this project, and along with a strong partnership it was a key factor in delivering a successful solution. Automation has quickly become a key business driver in the food processing industry, which CFS has recognized and is delivering solutions to help our customers meet those needs. 

Wolf Customers Optimize System Performance with PMA Visits

A well maintained system reduces system downtime and trouble-shooting, and we have had several Wolf ISS and overhead sizing customers recognize this by utilizing the Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA).  Customers can schedule up to two PMA visits per site annually which provides a CFS technician onsite to evaluate the overall system health by performing diagnostics, troubleshooting known issues, and identifying replacement parts required.

To learn more about the Wolf PMA and how to start scheduling your preventative visits, contact


CFS Receives United Way Spirit of North Carolina Award

Computerway Food Systems recently received a 2020 United Way Spirit of North Carolina award for our Creative Kickoff/Volunteer Event during our 2020 United Way campaign. In March we were recognized virtually during the Spirit of North Carolina Virtual Awards Event along with other outstanding North Carolina businesses including Syngenta, Duke Energy and Truist bank. CFS hosted a company pizza lunch to celebrate this honor for our team.

The CFS United Way campaign was held in October, and included creating kits for kids and seniors, a virtual walk/run and a virtual paint class to raise funds for United Way. A special thank you to the 2020 campaign leaders, Jaime Moore, Jeff Clark, Zachary Craven, Rodney Everhart, Teresa Kline, and to the entire CFS team for your time and generosity! We are honored to receive this award from United Way and look forward to setting our goals even higher for our 2021 campaign!


Tech Tip: CFS Backup Recommendations

CFS recommends that all of our customers have a thorough backup and recovery strategy for their computer systems. We offer a couple of methods to help deliver high availability for your CFS systems, 1) a traditional backup script solution of the CFS applications/databases and 2) a standby server solution called Rebound Server. The CFS Help Desk provides several services to help maintain successful backup activities and a healthy system. 

In addition, the increased presence of ransomware has further highlighted the need for a complete backup strategy, with the 3-2-1 Backup Rule becoming an IT industry standard. This rule states that organizations should keep 3 complete copies of their data, 2 of which are local but on different types of media, with at least 1 copy stored offsite. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your CFS system backup and recovery strategy.


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Zac Craven, HelpDesk Technician -  11 years

Kyle Story , Shipping & Receiving Coordinator -  8 years

Chris Gianopoulos, Electronics Supervisor -  8 years