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Sanderson Farms Upgrades R8 Using Remote CFS Services

Sanderson Farms recently completed their first plant upgrade to the newest version of R8. The latest version of Computerway’s production and inventory management software delivers technology updates including Active Directory integration, added security functionality and enhanced scanning features. What made this upgrade unique was that the entire process was executed remotely. 

Though CFS was not onsite, Sanderson was assisted by CFS project manager, Tim Howell throughout the entire process. In addition, the CFS HelpDesk team was on standby during the upgrade weekend as all the system components were migrated and upgraded. The plant went live successfully with the updated system the following Monday morning. Contact your CFS Project Manager if you are interested in upgrading your current R8 system components to the latest version. 

RoboScan - From Concept to Reality

A few members of the RoboScan team pictured from left to right: quality assurance and software engineer, Micheal Covington,  control systems engineer, Ata Gogani Khiabani, and production engineer specialist, Jeff Clark 

Throughout the 35+ years that CFS has been in business, we have recognized significant needs in food processing operations, and in response brought several new products to the industry. A critical goal that has been consistent for our customers throughout the years has been saving labor which has recently been highlighted by the COVID crisis. 

Our President, Bill Altenpohl had the idea for a robotic pallet scanner to automate scanning cases onto a pallet, which not only reduces labor but also improves overall plant efficiencies. Our design, fabrication and controls teams have led the way creating a product that improves reporting timeliness, recall accuracy and product quality. It has been a team effort overall to deliver an innovative solution to our customers.


Wolf Mobile

Streamline and accelerate operations for system managers, operators and maintenance technicians with Wolf Mobile. Wolf Mobile is a WiFi-enabled, handheld production device that allows users to change drop settings, test line sensors and calibrate the Wolf sizing system from anywhere in the plant. 

  • Allows users to perform routine maintenance more frequently and in less time
  • Increases mobility for plant operators, managers and technicians
  • Decreases labor with the ability to control and test systems remotely
  • Provides key performance indicators to help manage overall system

Contact us to learn more about increasing the functionality of your Wolf System with Wolf Mobile.


Tech Tip: CFS HelpDesk Proctects Systems with Daily Health Checks

Whether you know it or not, your Computerway System is in good hands. Our CFS HelpDesk performs Daily System Health Checks that provide statistics on server space, database growth, and active services and scripts. Health Check reports are used by our technicians to determine when preventive measures and/or corrective actions are required to keep the system operating at optimal performance. 

Health Checks Include:

  • Alerts related to Backup Errors
  • Monitoring Database Size (Preventive Actions are taken to prevent DB crash) 
  • Monitor Status of System Services and Scripts 
  • Detects errors in the Cleardown Process
Health Checks are included in our HelpDesk agreement, however they are performed for all customers. Customers without a HelpDesk agreement are notified and asked for permission in the event that an issue needs to be addressed. These customers are charged based off of our Per-Ticket Policy. Contact CFS to learn more. 


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Brittney Parker, Quote & Order Entry Specialist - 2 years