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Computerway Food Systems president, William Altenpohl founded CFS in 1986 with three employees, operating out of an 800 sq. ft. shop in High Point, NC. Food manufacturing innovation is in Altenpohl's blood as he grew up visiting poultry plants with his father -- who was on a first-name basis with Frank Perdue, Don Tyson, Bo Pilgrim, and other industry leaders throughout his career. Altenpohl officially started working with poultry plants the day after he graduated college in 1974. When Altenpohl launched his own business, the company initially provided carriers and sizing systems exclusively for poultry processors. 

Over the past 35 years, CFS has recognized labor, inventory, and efficiency issues across the entire food manufacturing industry and has created operational solutions from receiving through shipping. CFS has expanded to 40 employees, all still located in High Point, NC, and continues to push the boundaries of food manufacturing innovation and automation.

Vision Solutions for Labor Shortage

The technology advancements of cameras over the recent years have allowed vision systems to help fill the employee shortage gap. The use of vision to grade chickens on an overhead sizing line or read labels on an automatic conveyor is allowing food processors to automate processes that have typically taken numerous hours to manually complete. 

CFS has been investing in resources for several years to learn and develop applications which utilize vision, and (as you can read in our newsletters) have been implementing different solutions for our customers. Please give us a call at 336-841-7289 if you would like to understand how a CFS vision system can help your plant operations.  

NEW: Increase Production Accuracy with PVS

Eliminate under and over-produced orders with CFS's Production Verification System (PVS). PVS improves efficiencies in production, warehousing and shipping by automatically validating production case counts to a desired goal or order. This solution provides plant managers and operators visibility of real-time production statuses using barcode scanners, in-plant monitors and Computerway software.

Contact CFS to learn more about improving product flow with our inventory management solutions.


Tech Tip: Wolf Reference Belt Inspection

The Wolf reference belt should be inspected at least once per week to maintain the correct grade, weight and route assignment for each carrier/shackle. The reference belt is a piece of material fastened to the conveyor between two trolleys and positioned so that it is detected by all of the line sensors to reset trolley counts. It should not be detected by the corner wheel sensors. 

What to look for: 

  • The Reference Belt should be a solid material that completely blocks the sensor while passing. Porous materials are not suitable and will cause errors.
  • A loose or sagging belt could result in multiple sensor pulses instead of the necessary single long pulse.
  • Gaps between the belt and mounting clip or trolley can also result in multiple pulses as well as cracks or holes in the belt. 


Our CFS Family Is Growing 

CFS is thrilled to congratulate the following team members on the newest members of their families!

Rodney Everhart  and his wife Shirley welcomed their son, Douglas Everhart, April 2nd.

Steven Olson and his wife Kasie welcomed their son Hudson on April 28th. 

Teresa Kline and her husband Andrew welcomed their first child, Theodore, on St. Patrick's Day, March, 17. 


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Jaime Moore, Accounting & HR Manager - 14 years

Brent Clodfelter, Customer Services Manager - 13 years

Debbie Kennedy, Software Quality Assurance Manger - 7 years

Saad Nisar, Application Programmer - 7 years

Steven Olson, Mechanical Fabricator - 3 years

Ata Gogani Khiabani, Control Systems Engineer - 1 year

Ashley Terwilliger, Accounting & Front Office Coordinator - 4 years

Bill Altenpohl, President - 35 years

Rodney Everhart, VP of Production - 31 years

Elhanan Bone, HelpDesk Technician - 9 years

Tim Howell, Project Manager - 5 years