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Wolf LC3 Line Controllers Replace Discontinued LC2 Model

Our Design Policy has always been to offer continuous improvements and upgrade capabilities for critical systems. As part of this philosophy, CFS is now supplying a new LC3 line controller for the Wolf ISS and Wolf Solo Control Systems. The newest LC3 controllers will replace the LC2 model, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer due to changes in technology and availability of internal components.

The LC3 controller has the same footprint of the LC2, therefore no physical changes are needed to your system if you are switching from an LC2 to an LC3. This simple transition includes several benefits. LC3 controllers offer three times the processor speed, twice the memory capacity and improved security protocols for file transfers and setup.

Click on the Learn More button below for additional information about the LC3 line controller.

CFS Backup Recommendations

CFS recommends that all of our customers have a thorough backup and recovery strategy for their computer systems. We off a couple of methods to help deliver high availability for your CFS systems; 1) A traditional backup script solution of the CFS applications/databases, and 2) A standby server solution called Rebound Server.

The following are some of the backup and system services that the CFS HelpDesk provides to help our customers maintain a healthy system: 

  • Daily system monitoring via health check scripts
  • Daily backup validation
  • Monthly core data backup
  • Rebound Server testing via Data Management Services
These proactive measures provide recovery from certain scenarios, but not all, and so should be a subset of the backup strategy, not the entire strategy. The increased presence of ransomware has further highlighted the need for a complete backup strategy, with the 3-2-1 Backup Rule becoming and IT industry standard. This rule states that organizations should keep 3 complete copies of their data, 2 of which are local but on different types of media, with at least 1 copy stored offsite. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your CFS backup and recovery strategy. 

R8 Upgrades Made Easy with Remote Support

Is it time to upgrade your Computerway R8 system? The newest version of the software offers Active directory integration and added security functionality. With restricted travel and the benefit of lower service cost as reasons, customers are moving forward with installations and upgrades by utilizing CFS remote services.

For a remote upgrade CFS will need: 

  • VPN Access
  • A way to connect directly to each PC that needs to be updated. This includes SLC units. Typically VNC or remote desktop program is provided
  • Administrative access to PCs
Upgrade Preparation Checklist:
  • All update installers are saved on the server, so the units that need to be upgraded will need to be able to reach the server.
  • Scan devices will require Enterprise Browser 1.8 or higher. In order for CFS to upgrade scanners they need to be connected to a PC that can be accessed remotely, using the device cradle. (Not all scanners need to be updated, so this should be assessed ahead of time.)
  • A new server must be set up in advance of installation date.
Customer upgrades are typically scheduled over the weekend. On the scheduled installation date CFS will migrate data from an existing server to the new server. Onsite customer employees will upgrade PCs and SLCs to the latest software and test production. Our HelpDesk team is on standby throughout the entire upgrade through go live with the updated system. Contact your CFS project manager to learn more. 

CFS Now Offering Corner-Wrap Label Applicators

CFS is now offering corner-wrap label applicators in addition to the Straight Tamp and Swing Arm models we've used in the past. The Power Merge model was recently installed at a leading poultry provider who had a need for a wrap-around label.

Benefits of using this model:

  • Can be used to apply a label to a single side of a case as well as on 2 sides
  • Single side application does not require an air supply, however corner-wrap requires air for rear panel wiper
  • Multiple label sizes can be used without the need for custom size tamp pads for each
  • Switching between label sizes is much faster since there are no tamp pads to swap
  • More accurate and consistent label placement
  • More reliable and require less maintenance

Contact CFS to learn more.