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Ensure Less Equipment Downtime and Regular Maintenance with the Wolf PMA

Start the new year off ahead of the game by ensuring your mission-critical Wolf system is kept in optimum working condition. The Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) provides proactive scheduling of up to two CFS System Analysis visits annually. Participating in a PMA allows a qualified CFS Technician to spend up to two pre-scheduled days on-site, evaluating the overall health of your system by performing system diagnostics, troubleshooting known issues, and identifying replacement parts required.

Benefits Include: 

  • Improved system efficiency and overall operations
  • Reduction / elimination of the need for repairs
  • Extension of the life of system components
  • Reduction in the number of equipment failures
  • Time savings for technicians making repairs
  • Opportunity for training customer's technical staff

To learn more about the Wolf PMA and how to start scheduling your preventative visits, contact


Maintain Accurate Inventory Data with Routine Ghosting

Routinely Clearing Database Data, or Ghosting your Computerway inventory systems is a great way to ensure that no old pallets are left behind cluttering your database, due to them not being scanned out properly. Ghosting allows you to remove all pallets from your entire inventory, or just select locations. You also have the option to narrow down what is removed by production date or product code, so that only the desired pallets get removed.

After ghosting a location, the Move function is used to scan the pallets that are actually in location, ensuring that the inventory shown in the CFS system is accurate. To learn more about ghosting your database contact your CFS project manager. 


 Computerway R8.2: Upgrade to the Newest Version

Computerway Food Systems has listened to our customers and we have developed R8.2 to enhance a couple of key components of R8, security and scanning. We have provided a solution that integrates with our customers' security platforms to provide a much more secure solution overall. We have also updated our scanning technology employing a GUI interface which provides a more user-friendly tool and application. CFS customers upgrading to Computerway R8.2 have the option to utilize new add-on modules (Automatic Case Scanning, Directed Pick, etc.) which provide additional value to the R8 solution.

Security Upgrade Benefits:

  • Integrating with Active Directory for User Account Management in all Wolf and Computerway application modules.
  • Allowing Configurable Passwords
  • Enhanced logging of security related events and reporting of relevant information
  • Upgrade to RedHar7 SE Linux
  • Upgrade to Progress version OE11.7

Scanning Benefits (Nimbus):
  • Nimbus utilizes new GUI technology replacing older "Telnet" application
  • Icon-driven user interface makes Nimbus Easy-to-Learn and Easy-to-Use
  • Training time for new employees has been cut in half
  • Nimbus incorporates all functions developed in previous CFS software
  • Nimbus provides better performance than previous version

Contact CFS to learn more about updating your Computerway R8 system.

Reminder: Zebra MC9190 Scanner Approaching End-of-Life

We are reaching the final days for customers using Zebra MC9190 scanners to take action to keep scanning devices current and compatible to operate the CFS Nimbus application. MC9190 scanners that have not yet upgraded from Telnet scanning to Nimbus OR purchased EB v 1.8 will only be able to operate until December 31, 2020

After that date the only option will be to purchase a new scanner. December 31, 2020 is also the "End of Repair" date for the MC9190 scanners. Zebra will officially end all hardware support of these devices after this date. View our service bulletin for full details on Zebra scanning device compatibility and buy-back options. 


Happy Holidays from CFS

We value our partnerships and hope everyone has had a safe and successful year. We are looking forward to a great 2021!