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CFS Customers are Seeing Benefits of Automated Production & Inventory Systems

As food demand increases and the need for social distancing continues, automation is becoming more important than ever. CFS inventory management solutions allow food processors to automate production and finished foods processes. 

Automated Production: Weighing & Labeling Solutions

Computerway's Scale Labeling Controls (SLC) case production system allows processing plants to collect real-time weight and labels without human intervention. 

  • Produce to Order or Goal
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Improved Weighing Accuracy
  • Generate Unique ID for Each Case
  • Traceability and Recall Through Shipping


Automated Inventory Management: Scanning & Palletizing

CFS Auto Case Scanning (ACS) is a complete scanning solution that eliminates the labor required to manually scan cases onto pallets and/or into inventory. 

  • Automatic Case Bar Code Validation
  • Invalid Cases Automatically Rejected
  • Visible and Audible Alerts 
  • Pallet Label Generated Automatically 
  • Real-Time Finished Goods Inventory 


See CFS automated systems in action in the video below. 


CFS Project Services Team Provides Customer Support, Every Step of the Way     

The CFS Project Services team is designed to support our customers for their entire project life cycle. 

The goal of our Project Services team is to ensure that all of our customers have a successful installation, and are able to achieve the maximum value of our solutions year after year. Our customers consistently relay that the project services team is an integral part of CFS, and they value the level of support our project managers provide.

Project Services Include: 

  • Solution Design
  • Consultation
  • Pre-Implementation Planning
  • Training (onsite, at CFS headquarters and remote)
  • Installation
  • Post-Installation Support
  • Sustaining Support (upgrades, additional module install, HelpDesk, etc.)


Tech Tip: Wolf Overhead Sizing Scale Calibration Best Practices

Routine Wolf scale software and hardware calibration improves weighing accuracy. To keep your Wolf Bridge Sensor or DSC functioning at optimal capacity, follow our recommended calibration schedule.


Software Calibration

  • Calibrate daily, ideally the beginning of the first shift
  • For added accuracy, calibrate at the beginning of every shift

Hardware Calibration

  • Calibrate weekly
  • Every time a Load Cell is changed or replaced, a hardware and software calibration must be done
Contact our team for more details or training information on scale calibration.


Our CFS Family is Growing

CFS is delighted to congratulate the following team members on the newest members of their families!

Tim Howell and his wife Lauren welcomed their first child, Caroline Elizabeth, in December.  

McGwire Tarlue and Betty Stewart welcomed their first child, McGwire Borbor Tarlue Jr, weighing 8 lbs, on April 24. 


CFS Employee Anniversaries 

Jaime Moore, Accounting & HR Manager - 13 years 

Brent Clodfelter, Customer Services Manager - 12 years

Debbie Kennedy, Software Quality Assurance Manager - 6 years

Saad Nisar, Application Programmer - 6 years

Steven Olson, Mechanical Fabricator - 2 years