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Introducing the New Q

CFS is gearing up to launch the newest version of Computerway’s Q system. The updated enterprise level application that centrally manages real-time data and reporting, across multiple facilities will feature key enhancements including:

  • New and improved design
  • Ability to manage plant-level information centrally within Q, and send information to connected R8 and PT systems
  • Migration from Progress to SQL database
  • Security Updates
  • Improved logging, monitoring and reporting on the status of data transferred between Q and the plant systems

The updated application is currently being tested at our first beta site. Once the beta stage is complete, we will begin contacting other customers to roll the new system out at all locations.

Access the full list of features and system requirements via the Learn More button below. 

Upgrade Your Overhead Scaling Station to the Digital Scale Controller

Are you using the latest technology on your overhead scaling stations? If not, you should consider upgrading your bridge sensor hardware to CFS's proven Digital Scale Controller. The DSC combines digital signal processing with a user-friendly electronic display and intelligent software to keep production running smoothly. 


  • Improves system performance
  • Simplifies calibration 
  • Reduces maintenance time and labor
  • Improves weighing accuracy
  • Minimizes temperature and interference effects

The dSC2 is incorporated into all new CFS Wolf systems and may be purchased as an Upgrade Retrofit package for older CFS systems. Contact for more information.


Zebra MC9200 Scanners: EOL Notice

Customers using older Zebra MC9190 and MC9200 scanners should be aware that these scanners are approaching the end of their life cycles. CFS recommends the new MC9300 model. Zebra’s MC9300 is less expensive and offers several benefits for optimal user experience and efficiency.

  • Larger display with higher resolution
  • New capacity touch panel
  • Significantly longer battery life
  • Faster processor and increased memory
  • Increased durability 
Action may need to be taken to keep your scanning devices current and compatible to operate the application. View our service bulletin to learn more.

If you plan to implement scanning applications for the first time, or if you are currently utilizing older models, consider the Zebra MC9300. Contact your Project Manager for more information, and to discuss your upgrade path.


Keep Zebra Technology Current with Refurbished Devices

Can't afford the latest generation of mobile devices? Zebra certified refurbished devices are an excellent option to keep your technology current at an affordable price. 

Refurbished devices are reliable, durable and certified. These devices are fully tested and fully functional, with a new battery, and 90-day warranty included. For more information on this program, visit


Printer Support Expanding

The CFS applications have primarily used the Datamax technology to print labels for our Inventory Management (receiving, production, inventory, shipping) solutions for many years. At the request of our customers, we are expanding the brand of printers that our applications are certified to use. We now offer support for Sato and Zebra label printers, as well as Datamax. If you are interested in using either Sato or Zebra printers, please contact us to discuss the supported models. 


New Wifi Serial Bridge

CFS's New Wi-Fi Serial Bridge is based on our new node technology, which allows CFS applications to interact wirelessly over the network. The serial bridge connects a scale indicator wirelessly to your private network, passing information to the devices (scanners, computers, etc.) running the CFS receiving application. This technology is available now for anyone using the CFS PT Receiving module, in version 6.1 or newer. Contact the CFS team for more information.