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Introducing RoboScan

We are pleased to announce that after 9 months of R&D, customer input and much testing, RoboScan is scheduled to begin processing finished good pallets next month. What is RoboScan you ask? RoboScan is a machine that automatically scans the case labels on a pallet of finished good products and then creates a detailed pallet file and pallet label. RoboScan controls the conveyor movement of the pallets into the scan area, scans the pallet using four robotic arms and four cameras in under 30 seconds, then moves the pallet out of the scan area to the next process, which is typically shrink wrap. 

RoboScan is fully integrated with our R8 Inventory Management system, with the initial version targeted for existing CFS customers that have robotically stacked, non-nested pallets. Click on the link below to see a video of our RoboScan prototype version in action. Please contact CFS if you would like more information.


Thank You for Connecting During IPPE Marketplace

Thank you to all the existing and new customers who reached out to us during the IPPE Marketplace in January! The marketplace provided a great opportunity for CFS to announce our newest automatic pallet scanning solution, RoboScan in the New Product Showcase. We also discussed the latest updates to our primary products and shared the new innovations we are rolling out this year including an automated case tracking system and case counting technology. 

If you did not get a chance to connect with us during IPPE Marketplace, or if you would like additional information on our solutions and services, it’s not too late! Contact CFS Sales to learn more about our core solutions and newest products.


Company Spotlight: CFS Development Team

The CFS development team has been cranking out new products and updates for years, and 2020 was no exception. Over the past year products like R8, PT and ACS received additional functionality, while our Q application was upgraded and received a new front end and database platform refresh. The team was also involved in many upgrades throughout the year and deployed numerous patches to help our customers meet their business needs. 

They are “the person behind the curtain” and don’t get the recognition that they deserve for all of their effort and hard work that goes into developing the many valuable CFS applications that companies depend on. We know that our customers very much appreciate the work that they do, and we look forward to the places the team will help take our CFS solutions in 2021 and beyond.


Tech Tip: 4 Pre-Op Tasks to Keep Your Wolf Running at Peak Performance

Keeping your Wolf Sizing System running smoothly is crucial for daily operations and meeting production demands. Consistently implementing our four recommended Pre-Op tasks will ensure your system continues to run at optimal capacity. 
  • Resolve any alarms
  • Check “test sensor” screen for missing sensor inputs
  • Follow reference belt around the line for visual confirmation that the unloaders and/or bypasses are functioning properly
  • Calibrate all scales
In addition to many other features, using the Wolf Mobile app makes performing these tasks easier to perform, in less time. Contact us for more information.