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CFS Continues to Supply Replacement Parts, New Systems and Training

As travel and on-site visits have been limited during the global pandemic, our team has still been fulfilling parts and system needs as our customers continue to process food. We are also maintaining necessary inventory levels to anticipate the demand when we ramp up our interaction in the field again. 

Additionally, we are building our library for remote education and maintenance with technical tutorial videos and training materials so that we can offer assistance to our customers remotely. 

Reach out to your CFS contacts or if there is anything we can do to assist your team at this time.


Thank You for Continuing to Feed the Nation

Thank you to all food manufacturing, processing and handling workers, for continuing to feed America during the COVID-19 pandemic. CFS has the greatest gratitude for these dedicated individuals, who we are proud to partner with and support during this challenging time.


New Wolf Solo: The Single Overhead Sizing Line that Does More with Less

CFS introduces the latest in our overhead sizing systems, Wolf Solo. We continue to evolve our solutions to create the most cutting edge and flexible options for our customers. This leaner, single line sizing model will be introduced as we phase out the Coyote, to provide a more cohesive and customizable solution for our customers. 

Advantages Wolf Solo has over the Coyote system include:

  • Upgrade bundle options to create a powerful yet tailored system, specific to your production needs
  • Additional included features such as Digital Scale Controls, modem access, VPN access and Cyber Wolf 
  • Compatibility with optional Wolf hardware including VILB, Bird Counter, Mobile Devices and more
  • More optional features for data and reporting

Wolf Solo has the ability to operate a single line at the full capacity of a Wolf, while giving you the ability to trim down to the functions you need. Contact to learn more.


Coming Soon: The New Version of Q

CFS is gearing up to launch our newest version of Computerway’s Q system, the enterprise level application that centrally manages real-time data and reporting, across multiple facilities. 

The updated application will feature a new and improved design, security updates, and improved logging, monitoring and reporting on the status of data transferred between Q and the plant systems. Additionally, Q will be the first Computerway application to be developed with SQL server, as we prepare to migrate all applications to SQL over time. 


The new Q will be deployed to the first customer this month as a beta site. Once the beta stage is complete, we will begin contacting other customers to roll the new system out at all locations.


Tech Tip: Ensure Your Data is Properly Secured with Backup and Recovery Testing

It’s that time of year, when storms roll in and the power goes out, putting servers, systems, and data at risk. With CFS assistance, a Backup and Recovery plan can be defined and implemented to validate data can be restored in as little time as possible, should an issue occur. Testing is the perfect opportunity for CFS and the customer to identify and address any potential point of failures with current backup and recovery procedures. 

A testing plan is customized for each customer depending on their level of backup and their systems. All testing includes: 

  1. A scheduled period of downtime where CFS technicians can use database backups and custom code to failover to a backup server. 
  2. Each component of day-to-day operations is tested.
  3. CFS and the customer will both verify data and make any necessary improvements to the DR plan. 
Backup and Recovery Procedures and Testing is available as supplemental support for all customers and is an included service option for customers participating in a Data Management Services agreement. Contact your CFS project manager for more information.


CFS Employee Anniversaries 


Shawna Dumoulin, VP of Computerway Products & Services - 21 years 

Nathan Biggs, VP of Software Development - 20 years

David Fleming, System Performance Specialist - 20 years

Darrell Brown, HelpDesk Technician - 6 years

David Hernandez, Service Technician - 5 years

Kenneth Jones, Electronics Technician - 5 years

Philip Flynt, Developer - 4 years

Ann Pridgen, Developer - 4 years

McGwire Tarlue, Electronics Technician - 1 year