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 All American Pet Proteins, Welcome to the CFS Family!

We are very happy to announce that Colorado pet food manufacturer, All American Pet Proteins (AAPP) is the latest company to partner with Computerway Food Systems! AAPP was in need of a digital solution to manage their inventory (receiving through shipping) and provide instant visibility at any point in the process of transforming raw goods into finished goods. Earlier this summer AAPP implemented the CFS PT module to receive raw goods, ingredients, and packaging as well as provide recipe and batch functions for moving product into production.

“I want you to know, the attitude and the excitement of all that are learning and have learned the system is extremely positive. We are all very excited and looking forward to the entire plant running on new inventory system. I believe it is a big lift to entire company and all departments, thanks for making this decision.”  

            - AAPP Production Lead on implementing CFS system

The CFS R8 module will be installed this fall to extend capabilities to the production and shipping functions, which will provide AAPP with end-to-end transparency into their inventory as well as real-time traceability and recall.


Product Highlight: Computerway PT

Computerway’s Process Tracking (PT) system is a configurable, real-time system designed specifically for food processing operations. The easy-to-use solution collects critical data in the appropriate product movement areas, recording the movement, consumption and production of materials in batches of WIP and finished goods product. Innovative software and mobile electronic devices are incorporated to create and move tracking data in parallel with the flow of production. 

Receiving Inbound Goods - Real-time inventory of raw, WIP, dry goods, packaging

Batch Scheduling and Processing: WIP, Finished Foods - Control operations, monitor production, inventory, tracking

Traceability and Recall - Track lots and dates on inbound materials through finished goods

Reports: Inventory, Activity, Yield, Discrepancy, Recall - Accessible from any desktop PC on the network. 


CFS Research & Development Center

Our Research and Development center gives CFS engineers and developers many tools and technologies at their fingertips. The area consists of two overhead sizing lines, one Meyn Flex-Plus line, DVC-Vision Grading System, conveyors, in-line auto apply printers, scale indicators, auto-rejecters, vision systems, fabrication equipment and much more. With the tools available in the R&D Center we are able to create cutting edge systems (ex: our newest controls, automation and vision solutions) which help improve plant performance, reducing downtime and labor costs.

As an added benefit of creating plant-like conditions, our R&D space serves as a start-of the art training facility. Our customers are able to get both class-room and hands on experience without being interrupted by live plant situations, and test many scenarios in a controlled environment. Please reach out to if you would like to hear more about our latest systems or the training options at the CFS R&D Center.


Tech Tip: Line Hardware Routine Mechanical Checks

On a monthly basis, all of the drop and bypass hardware should be checked for loose and/or missing fasteners.

Routinely verifying the security of hardware will prevent movement of drop or bypass mounting equipment due to vibration and inadvertent human contact. This can result in poor drop performance and increase the possibility of jam-ups or personal injury unless corrected. 

Moisture should be drained from the airlines weekly. 

Water in the airlines will enter the valves and cylinders, resulting in poor drop/bypass performance and leading to rust and corrosion. 


Computerway Food Systems Celebrates 

34th Anniversary

Founded in 1986, CFS has become a world leader in integrated plant floor and enterprise-level information systems designed specifically for the food industry. 

CFS Employee Anniversaries

Bill Altenpohl, President- 34 years 

Rodney Everhart, VP of Production - 30 years

Elhanan Bone, HelpDesk Technician - 8 years

Anthony Ferrari, Developer - 4 years 

Tim Howell, Project Manager - 4 years 

Grant Kelch, Service Technician - 1 year