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Now Available: The New Q!

The newest version of Computerway’s Q system is now available to all CFS customers. Sonstegard, a leading egg wholesaler, upgraded to Q version 6, and are successfully managing real-time data across 5 facilities.

Key enhancements include: 
  • New and improved design
  • Ability to manage plant-level information centrally within Q, and send information to connected R8 and PT systems
  • Migration from Progress to SQL database
  • Security Updates
  • Improved logging, monitoring and reporting on the status of data transferred between Q and the plant systems
  • Find the full list of features and system requirementshere

If you have questions about the new version of Q or your upgrade path please contact your CFS project manager. 


CFS Hosts Customer Trainings to Optimize System Use

Last month Services Manager, Brent Clodfelter lead three small group customer trainings at CFS headquarters for a customer IT team. Team members from multiple facilities attended the trainings which covered the entire CFS system flow, with detailed training on plant-level systems including R8, SLC and Nimbus.

"We wanted to refresh ourselves on what all we have available to us, what things maybe we're not using that maybe we could use in the future," said an IT Manufacturing Execution Manager. 

Training at CFS provides many benefits including the ability for a system to be used that is not the customers' live system so cause-and-effect changes and experiments can occur. In addition, operators can focus on the sessions without plant distractions occurring.

"We wanted to gain more knowledge and understand the purpose and processes," said an IT Support Manger. "You pick up on some things you didn't utilize or realize before."

Contact your CFS project manager if you are interested in setting up training at CFS headquarters. 


Increase Productivity with In-Plant Monitors

In-Plant Monitoring and Reporting Systems provide easily viewed depictions of data, actions, and activities taking place within CFS Computerway or Wolf systems. The displays present accurate information in real-time that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations within any food manufacturing operation. 

CFS stainless steel enclosures are designed for large flat-screen monitors, up to 55", bringing the power of real-time information into wash-down production environments. These enclosures can be mounted in strategic locations to maximize viewer access. 

Contact CFS to learn more about implementing an in-plant monitor on your production floor. 


Tech Tip: Minimize Downtime and Data Loss with a Disaster Recovery Procedure

Unexpected hardware failure can result in complete data loss and costly downtime if the right Disaster Recovery Procedure is not in place. CFS HelpDesk offers multiple levels of backup in the event data needs to be restored. To reduce this risk CFS recommends a Rebound server which is a backup server kept on-line and in-sync with the primary (live) server. Should the need arise, customers can easily failover to the Rebound server with the assistance of our HelpDesk. 

Disaster Recovery Procedures and Testing is available as supplemental support for all customers, and is an included service option for customers participating in a Data Management Services agreement. Contact the CFS HelpDesk for more information. 


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Brent Summers, Project Manager -  3 years 

Divya Patel, Quality Assurance Technician -  3 years

Micheal Covington, QA & Software Engineer - 2 Years