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CFS Installs Inventory Management System at Second Braswell Facility

In late July Braswell Family Farms (BFF) implemented the CFS R8e solution at their Glenwood facility in Virginia. Brent, CFS Project Manager, was onsite over a weekend for training and to help get existing packaging and egg cooler inventory entered into the CFS application. Jordan, BFF Plant Supervisor, and Jay, BFF IT Manager, had their team ready for a smooth go-live the next day. Brent stayed onsite for a couple of days post go-live to ensure the successful transition. 

"CFS has been great to work with. The knowledge and support that we receive from them has been outstanding. They have a thorough understanding of our needs as an egg producer and how their system can help us meet our inventory management and recall goals. We are excited about the system's ability to provide us accurate and timely information on our inventory and the benefits this will have to the company."

                        - Jay Pace, Manager, IT Stewardship

BFF is now using the CFS R8e application to track their inventory at all plant locations, which has increased their inventory and shipping accuracy. Additionally, BFF is receiving packaging and finished goods between plants much more efficiently using Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) by simply scanning the pallets into inventory via a handheld scanner as they come off the trucks. We are excited see our partnership with Braswell Family Farms grow, and take pride in enabling them to run their business more efficiently.


Run at Optimal Performance with a Smarter System: Wolf Overhead Sizing

System automation is an essential component in food manufacturing. The ability of today’s production systems to control the majority of plant operations is critical to keep production output high and operational costs low. When one of these systems is not performing correctly, the challenges to make repairs or adjustments can be overwhelming. At CFS our solutions are designed to ensure our systems are continuously running at optimal performance. 

The Wolf overhead sizing system is built with proactive troubleshooting methodologies. The system software uses state-of-the-art techniques to constantly monitor itself for alarm conditions. This process continually looks for common conditions that could cause issues with production such as sensor miscounts, backup settings and PC availability, database connectivity errors, calibration verification, scale monitoring and much more. 

Our team provides a variety of support services to help maintain the system, including professional services for data migration, setup and configuration, on-site Service Technicians, and 24/7 HelpDesk support. Our technical staff have the ability to connect directly to your system using VPN access to help resolve most issues or assist with tuning and setup. Contact CFS to learn more about troubleshooting your system and system support. 


CFS Celebrates VP of Production, Rodney Everhart's 30th Anniversary 

Last month we celebrated VP of Production, Rodney Everhart's 30th anniversary at CFS with a socially distanced, surprise cook out. Rodney was hired as an Electronic Engineer in August of 1990, and worked his way up in the Electronics department to his current role today while helping in many other areas of the company.  

When Rodney first started he was running hand written memos around the building instead of managing the company email system, helping to develop solutions on the fly, personally transporting and delivering product to customer installs, and assisting in the budding stages of what is now our 24/7 HelpDesk. CFS thanks Rodney for the essential role he has played in company growth over the years. 


"I have had the privilege of working for Computer Food Systems and Mr. William Altenpohl for 30 years now. I have seen the company grow from just a handful of people to what we are now. Having the honor to work with many fine individuals over the years. Many of whom I am lucky to call my friend. I have learned that if you can imagine it, you can create it, and I believe the team CFS has assembled today is one of the best we have ever had. I look forward to seeing the great things they will create."

- Rodney Everhart


Tech Tip: Datamax Label Printer Maintenance

If you notice a decline in print quality or functionality of your Datamax label printer, below are 3 key components that can help improve your printer's performance with routine maintenance. 

  • Printhead - If print quality declines it typically can be traced to debris build-up on the printhead. If left unattended, the printhead service life can be reduced. The printhead can be cleaned using a Datamax cleaning card. Contact to purchase cleaning cards for your machine. 
  • Media Sensor - Dust residing on the Media Sensor can cause major service issues. This is the mechanism that ensures that the gap between the paper and the printhead remains constant. Consider cleaning with canned air regularly, every time you change a roll of paper. 
  • Platen Roller - The platen roller is an important part of the printer and should be cleaned regularly. Grit, adhesive and ink build-up cause a decline in print quality and, in extreme cases, cause labels to stick and wrap around the roller. 
Follow the link below for full Datamax printer cleaning instructions. 


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Romond Richmond, Database Administrator -  13 years