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Happy Holidays from CFS!

The Computerway Food System family sends best wishes for a happy holiday season, and a sincere thank you for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.


 System Maintenance Keep Plants Operating with Latest Technology

When the pandemic first hit, it took a few months for food processors to adjust to the changing demands of the industry. At that point continuing to maintain operations became a priority which includes normal maintenance and update routines. CFS has been available remotely and on premise throughout the pandemic to assist our customers with Wolf and Computerway service and upgrades. 

Recently, a CFS poultry customer upgraded their Computerway inventory management system to the latest version of R8 with the help of Project Manager, Brent Summers. The upgrade allows them to take advantage of newer technology that is built into the latest version of the app including security and reporting features. The update also keeps them current on the underlying operating system and database software versions. 

The weekend upgrade was bookended by CFS training which helped to refine existing processes and implement new ones, like a daily cycle count. The upgrade went very smoothly and allowed our customer to continue to efficiently run their operations without missing a beat.


Customize Conveyors with CFS Universal Rail System

CFS recently designed and developed a rail system that standardizes and simplifies the mounting of CFS equipment along a customer’s box conveyor. The core of the CFS Rail Mount System is a bracket that bolts to the side of any existing conveyor along with a variable-length rail that is mated to the bracket. CFS components (sensors, scanner / cameras, touchscreen pcs, reject mechanisms, and cables) can then be easily attached to the rail using purpose-designed brackets. Once installed, CFS's Rail Mount System allows critical components to be easily re-positioned to accommodate production changes. 

The Rail Mount System eliminates welding, reduces installation time and provides a standardized result across all conveyor types for the mounting of technical components. The CFS Rail Mount System will be recommended for all new installations in 2021. Contact CFS to learn more the CFS Rail Mount System.


Tech Tip: Setup Individual Wolf User Log-Ins to Restrict Access & Track System Changes

Creating Group Permissions and individual Wolf User Log-Ins offers more control and visibility over your wolf systems. 

  • Group Permissions: Restrict unauthorized access to specific screens by assigning system permissions at a group level
  • User Login Setup: Creating individual user log-ins rather than a shared login allows you to track system setting changes by user via the Settings Log.
Learn how to utilize these two system functions via CFS training video: Wolf User Permissions Setup.


Our CFS Family is Growing!

CFS is delighted to congratulate the following team members on the newest members of their families!

Saad Nisar and his wife Koser welcomed their second child, Musadiq Nisar on July 14th.

Brent Summers and his wife Jessie welcomed their first child, Addie on August 27th, the day after Brent's birthday.

Ashley Terwilliger and her husband Ed welcomed their first child, Brayden Lamb Terwilliger on August 20th, weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz.


CFS Employee Anniversaries

Teresa Kline, Marketing Coordinator -  1 year